Rose Medicine to infinity and beyond


This year the roses started coming in right around the solstice and after 5 years of establishing the ring of rugosa and heirloom moss roses, they are coming in with more blooms than I have baskets for. . . everyday I could fill 8 big baskets of rose blooms.  Thank you beautiful earth for the bountiful blessings of the medicine of these roses.

some fossil records date roses back to 35 million years ago, but I’ve learned that the first cultivars probably originated in China 5,000 years ago.  They have been iconic symbols of love and beauty and also in British History were associated in Politics in the War of the Roses.

Roses were in such high demand during the seventeenth century that royalty considered roses or rose water as legal tender, and they were often used as barter and for payments. Napoleon’s wife Josephine established an extensive collection of roses at Chateau de Malmaison, an estate seven miles west of Paris in the 1800s. This garden became the setting for Pierre Joseph Redoute’s work as a botanical illustrator. In 1824, he completed his watercolor collection “Les Rose,” which is still considered one of the finest records of botanical illustration.


Here are some views of the 64 foot rose ring. The hot pink and the lighter pink are both rosa rugosa which are often found along the seashore here in Massachussetts, so it is often called the beach rose.


This rugosa is one of the oldest in the ring, transplanted from a garden in the Berkshires 5 years ago.

We journey with the rose in the garden which means we sit and spend time in the garden with her just listening and being, watching, tasting and tuning into our senses to listen to the wisdom that she carries.


Journey to the heart with rose on Sunday July 7

Do you long to live your hearts desire?  Is there something heavy on your heart or a secret hidden inside?  To know one’s own heart is a primary key to awakening our global unity consciousness and raising our vibrational field to attract love, peace, pleasure and abundance.  When our heart is open and functioning in the flow of possibility we are able to tap into and activate the light grid that surrounds our earth. As we us connect with our higher self we also attune to the universal love of the mother archetype as well as activating our heightened senses for passion and pleasure.

The rose ring is fully lit up at this time of year. Come join Hannah & Sulis for an afternoon of journeying with the spirit Rose as we delve into the medical and energetic qualities of ROSE.
When we slow down and listen deeply, the sacred teachings of plants can be heard. This is how herbalists and medicine people discovered many ways to communicate about the uses of herbs for thousands of years.
We will sip teas, extracts, honeys and smell the fresh flowers growing in the garden while asking the spirits what kind of teachings they have for us. Why are they here? What parts of our bodies do they have a healing affinity for? How can we be of service to their growth? Are there any messages they have for us?
There will also be handouts, recipes, hands-on demonstrations and each participant will leave with herbal medicines to take for their home apothecary. This plant spirit journey is open to all, no prior experience necessary.
Cost: $44 + $5 material fee = $49 or register for all three workshops – Motherwort + Tulsi are coming next – ($127) save $20
Space is limited to 12 participants. Pre-registration is required. Please register by Friday, July 5.

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