Sulis is a singer, a healer and a gardener.  Raised on a flower farm on the North Shore of Boston, she is of the lineage of the rising sun which has been calling to her from birth.  Sulis grew up making up songs out of mystery languages that would come to her before she fell asleep at night.  The road has been a little windy.  After high school she took a year to explore the arts: vocals, piano and saxophone before she enrolled in college at The George Washington University in Washington, DC.  Although she wanted to switch her major to music, a tragic event caused her to choose the status quo.  She graduated with a bachelors degree in Journalism with a concentration in science writing.  This was not her passion, so after graduating, she took some art classes and fell in love with clay and moved to Frederick MD where she apprenticed with a sculptor at Hood College.  Working with clay was a very healing experience and exactly what she needed to help soothe the wounds from her traumatic experience at the end of college. She fired kilns, taught children’s clay classes and developed a body of work of porcelain sculptures.  At her Saturn return around the age of 28, she moved back to Massachusetts to take care of her grandmother who was like a mom to her. She did a lot of caretaking during those years as she lived with her octogenarian grandmother and also worked in a housing program for at-risk children.  She learned a lot about compassion during this time and also did a lot of meditating and dancing & singing with the Newburyport Sacred Circle Dance where she eventually started facilitating sacred circle dance.

When her grandmother passed in January of 1999, Sulis wasn’t sure what the next step would be, so she volunteered at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in the Berkshires.  It was here that she developed a closer relationship with her body and started to unpack the effects of trauma that she hadn’t been able to process on her own.  She eventually found that through her connection with her body through yoga, dance and movement that she was able to open up a dialogue with herself that wasn’t available before.   Maybe it didn’t feel safe, but it wasn’t until she settled into a home in Northampton, MA that she blossomed into her healing arts practice with people and felt that she could get her needs met.  for 12 years Sulis practiced massage therapy and CranioSacral Therapy in Northampton.  She recently closed this office so she could have time to write a book and  she is practicing in Shelburne Falls and Florence MA.  Her main focus these days is the Tulsi Rose Garden, working with the plants and flowers and developing a curriculum for empowerment classes for women to access their voice through her sing Your Sacred Soul Song workshop and her healing with the plants program.