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Plant Spirit Journeys

When we slow down and listen deeply, the sacred teachings of plants can be heard. This is how herbalists and medicine people discovered many ways to communicate about the uses of herbs for thousands of years. Spend the afternoon in the radiant Tulsi Rose Garden with Hannah & Sulis in a space for using all of our senses to learn about the medicine of three sacred plants: Tulsi, Rose, and Motherwort. We will sip teas, extracts, honeys and smell the fresh plants growing in the garden while asking the spirits of each herb what kind of teachings they have for us. Why are they here? What parts of our bodies do they have a healing affinity for? How can we be of service to their growth? Are there any messages they have for us?  There will also be handouts, recipes, hands-on demonstrations and each participant will leave with herbal medicines to take for their home apothecary. This plant spirit journey is open to all, no prior experience necessary.

Rose   Journey               July   7th

Do you long to live your hearts desire?

Is there something heavy on your heart or a secret hidden inside?

To know one’s own heart is a primary key to awakening our global unity consciousness and raising our vibrational field to attract love, pleasure and abundance.

When our heart is open and functioning in the flow of possibility we are able to tap into and activate the light grid that surrounds our earth. As we us connect with our higher self we also attune to the universal love of the mother archetype as well as activating our heightened senses for passion and pleasure.

The rose ring is fully lit up at this time of year. Come join Hannah & Sulis for an afternoon of journeying with the spirit Rose as we delve into the medical qualities and energetic of ROSE.


There will also be handouts, recipes, hands-on demonstrations and each participant will leave with herbal medicines to take for their home apothecary. This plant spirit journey is open to all, no prior experience necessary.

We look forward to welcoming you to the garden!

Motherwort   Journey             July   28th

Motherwort is a common garden “weed” that holds powerful maternal wisdom. Leonarus cardiaca is her Latin Name “Lion-Hearted,” which embodies the essence of protecting ourselves from what does not serve out hearts.

What does it mean to love fiercely?

What rituals with Motherwort offer us protection and strong boundaries so we can fully breathe into our heart’s longing and knowing?

Motherwort teaches us how to nurture ourselves and heal from wounding around our relationships to the Mother Archetype. The support on our nervous systems, reproductive organs, and hormones from this cardiotonic plant makes this one you’ll want to grow in your garden!

Tulsi   Journey          August   11th

Tulsi is a sacred holy basil known as the “Elixir of Life” with origins in India. It is placed on peoples doorsteps to attract prosperity, vital health and abundance.
In addition to being loaded with healing benefits for the nervous system, digestion, and immune support, Tulsi gets to the root of psych-spiritual blocks. She is the remover of obstacles that keep us small, quiet, or living in scarcity belief systems. “Wake up to all the beauty and abundance surrounding you!” she says.
Come sip Tulsi tea and notice her stress-reductive properties take effect immediately with us in the garden!

Oracle of Grace with Hilary Lake          August 18
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Sulis Sunrise (aka Sonja Sweeney) is a singer, writer, energy healer, Craniosacral Therapist and Priestess of the Temple of Sophia.   She graduated with a BA from The George Washington University and immediately started studying studio arts, yoga and meditation as a path to awakening.  She is dedicated to helping women free their voices and is pioneering the Sing Your Sacred Soul Song Workshop. She spent many years at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health where she is a certified yoga dance teacher. In 2013  she was guided to create the Tulsi Rose Garden as a sanctuary for healing and listening to the spirit of the plants.

Hannah Jacobson-Hardy, founder of Sweet Birch Herbals, is a holistic health coach and community herbalist devoted to providing western Massachusetts with high-quality plant-based medicines that are locally grown and sustainably wild-crafted. Hannah offers, shiatsu acupressure massage, herbal consultations incorporating 5 Element Chinese Medicine and custom made formulas. She teaches workshops, and sells a wide variety of products, including Full Moon Ghee at the Tuesday Market in Northampton.


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