Tulsi Tea Ceremony

The Tulsi Tea Ceremony is a time to stoke our creative fires as we come together for the ritual of drinking tea and spending time in the garden.

Please email me if you have any questions:

This 1/2 day ceremony begins with the invocation of the spirit of the tea and setting intentions for our creative time together.

You are welcome to bring a creative project, a sketchbook, journal, an instrument. Part of the time we’ll be together will be for introspective time. You are welcome to meditate, draw or write. . . there may be some musical offerings.

After about 90 minutes, we’ll have time for each person to share. Your sharing could be a song, a drawing, a poem or your thoughts about the whole process. This is your time to be witnessed by the group, or you could pass. You are welcome to be as introverted as you like, although there can be a lot of magic in the sharing and it’s an opportunity to come up to the edge of our discomfort to practice using our wings.

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