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I let the garden lead the way when it comes to making products. The tulsi mostly asks to be made into teas and tinctures. Sometimes I make icecream with the roses and sweet things like rose petal elixir and rose honey.

Over the past 10 years I’ve been making vibrational essences. Originally I was trained to make essences from the flowers, but then Spirit called me to combine sonic sound experiences and the waves of the vibrational field that I would tune into at uplifting concerts. These vibrational essences are created at specific times when the energy field is at its most potent, sometimes based on the moon and sometimes based on sonic experiences.

Rose Petal Elixir The Roses in the Tulsi Rose Garden are Rosa Rugosa and heirloom moss roses.  They are imbued with the natural vibrations of the surrounding birds, plants and animals as well as the meditations, ceremonies and concerts that have occurred with deep intentions for peace in the garden.  The only ingredients are roses and organic glycerin.

Rose Petal Elixir


Rose Petal Elixir 2 oz.


Sonic Symphony The inspiration for this essence came from an inner knowing that I needed to travel to Stratford, Ontario to  see Loreena McKinnet play a concert with a symphony Orchestra.  It was extraordinary and the essence is infused with the vibration of her voice, the symphony and a Super7 Crystal.  I have found this essence to be powerful in helping me to access my singing voice and free my spirit to express itself sonically.

Divine Align 

Brigid Emerges Flower Essence

Blessed at Imbolc, this essence culminates the energy of the triple goddess of Spring Emerging with inspiration for creativity through your words, your hands and your home. It contains the vibrations of Snowdrop, Crocus and the Star of Bethlehem and energizes new projects to emerge from the seeds of thought in our minds through to the plane of manifestation into our 3D world.


Tulsi Seed Packet

222 seeds Rama or Vana


Blessed Angel crystal

These angel crystals were blessed in ceremony at the eclipse in August 2017 as well as full moons. Purchase of the crystals helps you to align with the high vibrational energy of ceremony and also helps to support my priestess mission to continue to create love and beauty here on this planet by creating safe, healing spaces for women in the garden. You could purchase these crystals for less elsewhere, but these are fundraiser crystals to keep the mission going and to transmit the healing energy to you.


Tulsi Rose Temple Essence

This custom blend is the signature of the Tulsi Rose Garden. The trinity of these flowers have been lovingly tended to raise a high vibration and connection to divinity. I was guided in 2014 to create the circular garden. This essence helps us to clear the way through healing with lavender, softening our heart’s desire with rose and connecting with the goddess of tulsi to clear out old stories we’ve been holding onto. This 2 oz. flower essence contains tulsi, rose, lavender, quartz, rose quartz and amethyst. preserved with 50% brandy


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