Plant Spirit Journeys


Do you long to live your life from a place of passion and connectedness?

Slowing down and listening to the outer landscape informs our journey of our inner landscape.

I welcome you at this time to join me for a one-on-one zoom healing journey where the plants will be incorporated. Reach out to me here if you have questions or want to schedule a journey.

We walk on this earth alongside so many allies that are familiar to us, from the trees that have been surrounding us in our youth, the blossoms of spring, the food that we eat everyday. We already have a strong relationship with the plant world. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be here, because they are creating the very oxygen that we breathe. Some people take time before they eat to say some kind of grace or gratitude for the food before it goes into our mouths, but often it’s easy for us to forget or to disconnect from the natural world around us.

In these plant spirit journeys we take the time to create a sacred space and learn about the plants from a consciousness that is a little different than the one that we so often walk with on this earth in our daily lives. We have jobs, we have stress, we have a new ways of being because of the covid, but when we take the time to slow down and change the rhythm of our breath and to allow ourselves to really feel what is happening inside, beneath the layers of the mundane world, we find a whole universe waiting for us to explore a deeper knowing and connect with our inner wisdom and the deeper song of the planet.

Rose Journey to the Heart

Mid to late June is usually the time that the roses bloom around the rose ring in The Tulsi Rose Garden. It’s pretty spectacular to see the ring pop alive and as the breeze carries the aroma of its sweet nectar. The message of the rose is all about heart and opening to self-love, discovery of our inner passions, compassion and love for others. Join us as we share the medicine of her gentle offering. We’ll sip teas and elixirs as we learn and meditate with rose accompanied by the sounds of gong and crystal bowls.

Activate Relaxation with Lavender

Lavender is clearing, soothing and healing. We use this powerful scent so much in our culture to help us to destress. We see her in laundry detergents, bath salts and soaps. In this Journey we will activate the power of her potent aroma into our senses as we talk, learn and meditate. We’ll discover the taste and feel of her blossoms as we create our own lavender bundles.

Tulsi Tells a New Story

Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil (Ocimum Sanctum or Ocimum Tenuiflorum) is newer to North America. Originally from India and southeast Asian tropics, this plant is spreading like wildfire here, probably because we really need the medicine of this plant. Tulsi is an adaptogen for stress as well as having so many other properties to aid our physical health. In our journey we’ll go beyond the written descriptions of Tulsi and go to the roots of what she has to tell each one of individually. This is sure to be a very healing journey as this plant can help assist in rewriting a new story to help us let go of outmoded ways of being that aren’t serving us anymore.

Would you like to experience all of these plants up close and personal?

Bundle all 3 journeys

  • Rose
  • Lavender
  • Tulsi

When we were sitting in the tea tent I felt such heart connection with others in the circle that my heart melted. I felt safe to share my deeper process and the journey showed me how to receive the subtle messages that come from my intuition. I’ve been using the Rose Elixir regularly and it helps to put me back into a state of open-hearted receiving.”


Let’s listen to the wisdom of the plants. . .

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