Women’s Empowerment

My main works revolves around working with women to help them feel more comfortable with their voice. . . speaking their truth.  For centuries women’s voices have been suppressed and although our culture has made great strides toward balancing the scale and including women’s viewpoint in our common dialogue, still there have been many women who have grown up in situations where they were not encouraged at home or in schools share their opinions. Unfortunately one of the things that has kept us quiet has been the prevalence of sexual abuse in our society.   There is still a predominant rape culture that has encouraged us to shut down instead of being inspired to share and be open.  We have been living in a world where victims of sexual crimes often isolate, feel shame and are embarrassed.  Its just not a thing you bring up in everyday conversation, so people end up going to therapy for years or in some cases repressing the memory and learning to hide parts of themselves.

My own healing journey has led me to study movement and mind-body techniques  such as yoga-dance, massage, toning and singing, CranioSacral therapy with dialoging, shamanic techniques such as energetic clearings and soul retrieval, support groups and writing as therapy. I personally have found working with the earth to be very healing and find the process of planting and growing flowers and herbs to be supportive.  The essences that I create here at the Tulsi Rose Garden are specifically designed to transfer the healing energy of the garden.

I run a couple of different Classes.  One is more focused on writing and shifting our stories and the other focuses on using our voices through toning and opening our throat chakra.


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