New Moon Musings

Today in the Tulsi Garden

Barefoot walking through the wet grass.  Cold steps plodding through the thick carpet of grass that has not been mowed in over a week. . . longer and softer than usual.  My feet warm up when I stop and stand still for a moment.  It’s early and I can see the sun rise over the hill across the field. Wouldn’t it be nice everyday to wake up and walk around the tulsi garden and for a few moments not worry about time. . . September and another round of lavender is asking to be harvested for aromatic bouquets.  We had a little cold snap at the beginning of September, but now we’re back to high 80’s this weekend.  I harvested the sticky flowers of the calendula to make medicine and of course the tulsi is constantly asking me to pick her and make tea. . . so I do.

At this time of transition going toward the winter, we celebrate the end of summer with picking apples, going to the Garlic & Arts Festival or in our own ways by harvesting what we’ve grown. I picked the basil and made the pesto and put it in the freezer and now every day I harvest tulsi for the tea.

Ive had so many sweet moments in the garden this summer one-on-one with a sister here and there sipping tea and working with the tulsi and have also been blessed to have a few sweet women gathering together. This garden is a place of peace and a place of healing.  I find my own peace just from walking, singing or working with the plants.  Next season I will be offering a program for women who want to connect with the plants and develop their intuition.  We will gather and ground and share, meditate, work with the plants and talk about ideas and concepts to create heaven on earth.

Years ago someone whispered in my ear in a busy bar in downtown DC to read the Celestine Prophecy.  I finally did at some point and although the writing leaves a lot to be desired, the content of the ideas is fascinating.  For those who are unfamiliar, one of the chapters talks about our relationship with plants and actually seeing the aura or energy around the plant and sending positive energy to the plant and eventually sending positive energy to the people around us.  How many times are we sending out vibes that are less than positive?  I know that I can definitely say that I have my moments when driving that I might get a little pissy with the people around me and complain about their driving. . .  but I also remember those moments when I’ve felt good enough in myself already that those little things just don’t matter and I don’t take any of it personally.  But what about going a step farther and sending something positive to people before we’ve even judged if they are good or bad, helpful or not helpful. . . what would our world be like if we collectively embraced this.  It would be like a cultural revolution. . . one I could really get behind.

One of the things that the garden has taught me is to slow down and when I enter her circle, to step in mindfully and notice how I place my foot in  each step.  Sometimes I walk slowly and deliberately taking in deep breaths as I raise my hands up through prayer position, up to the sky and out to the sides in the shape of the toroidal field.  Exhaling my hands down, I keep walking and breathing, slowing down and coming back into myself.  You see I have to do this to balance out all the rushing around that I do, the going from here to there sometimes without any awareness at all.  How do I bring more consciousness into my days.  How do I rush less and give myself the time to be present with myself and others.  The garden is often teaching me this and I know the protocols and the types of breathing to do, but sometimes I just don’t do them.  I know often we know what to do, but just decide to do something else.  So on this New Moon in Virgo which is a time for taking the practical steps of getting down to business one step at a time, we start the thing that helps point us in the direction we want to go and we take the first step.

Spring has Sprung

This year for the first time I started seeds in a greenhouse!  They are all doing very well.  Tulsi and Lavender are coming along as well as some colorful calendula, lupines, nasturtiums, morning glories and more.  I was hoping for some fiery Galliardia plants for the beginning of the rainbow pathway, but it’s difficult to get started. . . so we’ll see.

I hope that you got to see some of the very first flowers a few weeks ago.  The white drooping Snow Drops, Glory of the Snow and yellow, purple and white crocuses or also plural croci.  I was able to make some flower essences of these special flowers at the full moon.  They really embody the energy of beginnings and pushing through. . . pushing through those hard cold places.  I’m seeing parallels in my personal life right now where there have been some stuck places that I just have not really wanted to look at all that squarely before now.  Always lingering below the surface. . . there, but too scary for me to actually shine the light on.  But now, finally it’s time to embrace the hard things, the cold things I’ve been keeping hidden in the back of the freezer for so long.  We are thawing out and ready to bloom now.

Snow drops have an energetic signature of threes.  Three petals make up the tube and then 3 more are drooping down.  I’ve also been working the dynamics of threes lately.  For me the old pattern of the three was one of being left out or feeling the energy of two against one, but these days that we’re living in now are days of radical evolutionary change where people are coming together and healing old patterns and I can say for myself that I am learning about the beauty of relating in groups of three.  Functional threes that are supportive of one another.  I’m currently in two writing groups that have 3 people each.  It gives us the intimacy of a very small group and very personal attention, but maybe a hair less intense than say two people.

The Glory of the Snow is a blue flower that has 5  blue petals with white centers. For me 5 is reminiscent of family.  I have 3 sisters and one brother. I’m still learning how to work with the combo of 5.  Five also reminds me the 5 Chinese Elementals.  I don’t really have a lot to say about this right now other than noticing the brilliance of the blue which makes it clear that it truly is glorious.  I dream of fields of saturated colors and there are some places where I’ve seen a good showing, but always on the lookout for the beauty and welcome you to share your sightings of flowers.  Hopefully we can continue to create more and more beauty around us and inspire others to see the beauty that we see.  This world certainly could use more beauty  in it.

Most of us are pretty familiar with croci.  We mostly see these as the first flowers in Spring.  Usually 3 or six petaled, they usually have 3 stamen.  Stamen are the pollen producing parts of the flowers that rest at the center of the flower.  I think it was the end of March when I was walking through Smith College here in Northampton and spotted a huge patch of purple crocuses under a big oak tree.  They are a gentle flower often emerging along with snow bringing us joy and happiness as we are reminded after a long winters rest that Spring flowers are nearing.

I will make the essences and Rose Petal Elixir available for sale as well as selling some plants at a local farmer’s market.  Please stay posted for what we’re cooking up here in the garden this summer.

Much love!

Welcome to the Garden

“And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.” ~ Joni Mitchell

One of those iconic songs from the sixties rings true today. Really the garden is timeless, all the way back to Adam & Eve. Even the wise book of the Christians and Jews refers to the importance of the garden. It’s such an essential backbone of our existence, put on our planet to nurture us. Some people grow vegetables, others herbs and flowers.   I’m focusing mostly on Tulsi, Rose and Lavender.  What is Eden? How do we get back there? I see it as heaven on earth and one of my main missions here on this planet is to live each moment with conscious loving kindness to create that heaven on earth once again. That is what this blog is about: The places that our consciousness connects with the spiritual and how to bridge our inner world with this world we live in that we may shine our lights so brightly that we inspire others to shine and sing their own soul’s song.

I started this blog to chronicle the events  and magic of the plants and the culture of people that grow around it. I’ll talk some about the actual growing process, but will also muse on our connection to spirit, our own and the thread of loving kindness that connects us all. That almost unnameable force that connects us all is how I got to be here on this piece of land with this garden. Mind you, I’m not a landowner, yet somehow spirit has conspired to help me bring forth this vision into the real 3D world.  Thank you great Spirit for bringing me here. Everyday I count my blessings and am so grateful.

You might ask how a person with no savings and nothing to her name could manifest this dream. My only assets are a car and a dog, well not sure if Taka is technically an asset, but to me she is my biggest one. This is the story of what happens when you really, really, really believe in your dreams. I imagined this garden, I drew this garden regularly for over a year. I talked about it to everyone I knew. I was excited about it. I enlisted the thoughts and imaginations of others by sharing the vision. I really think others could almost see it too. I prayed a lot. I asked source, the oneness, Great Spirit to show me where and I trusted my gut.

Around 2011 we had this snowstorm around Halloween that caused a lot of damage. The leaves were still on the trees and a lot of power lines went down. I was living alone in an apartment in Northampton, Mass. when my power went out I had no heat. I could cook on the gas stove top, but it was cold in there. That’s when I made the decision that I wanted to live somewhere that had a wood stove and some better resources to handle those kinds of things.

I thought maybe Montague or Shutesbury, but then I started having a magical connection with Shelburne Falls. I could just feel inside that it was the right place. So I rented a small office in Shelburne Falls to bring myself and my energy up there while I looked around. I was studying with a rabbi at the time because I wanted to learn about Judaism and he had invited me to sing at a Passover dinner at the synagogue. I went over to TempleIsrael in Greenfield to volunteer to help set the space up and at some point between putting out plates and silverware I got myself locked out of the building. I knocked and pounded and tried to get their attention, but to no avail. Luckily it was a full moon and as I was standing there I could see the beauty of her fullness and I started singing. The acoustics in this little vestibule were so strong that my voice really resonated beautifully. I think that the vibration of the singing helped to raise the consciousness of what happened next.

Someone finally heard me and opened up the door.  I was working with this lovely woman Janice, whom I had just met. As we were setting up another table she told me that she was from Shelburne Falls.
“I’m interested in moving there,” I said.
“Well, what are you looking for?”
Inside I thought, really? Can I really ask for what I want? Well here goes nothing!
“I’d really like to find a house sit.”
“Oh, well we’re looking for a house sitter in August, “she said.

And that’s how I got here to this beautiful piece of land nestled in between the hills and near the river. There are goats and chickens and when I first moved here there were several greenhouses that were still standing from a farmer who had been running a CSA. Just like home!

Then there was asking about the garden. I had told Janice and her husband, Michael about my idea for the garden after a couple of months of living here. But asking about planting it here was a whole other trust exercise. Inside, again, I thought… ” I can’t ask that, they’ll just say no.”

But somehow I convinced myself that I had nothing to lose in asking the question. The worst thing that could happen is that they could say, “no thanks.” But they didn’t, they said yes!

And with that yes, I put a shovel in the ground and just kept on digging, trusting that the vision would be revealed.