Welcome to the Tulsi Rose Garden

The Tulsi Rose Garden uses the sacred geometry of the circle to create a safe space for women to use our voices and embody our physical vehicles through goddess chakra activations, toning and re-writing our stories.

We create peace through inner reflection, music and listening to the wisdom of the plants.

Sulis creates tulsi tea, flower essences, rose elixir and hosts the events to activate our consciousness and raise the vibration of the planet through our prayers and music.

This circular healing sanctuary is nestled in the hills of Shelburne Falls, land of the Bridge of Flowers.  The Tulsi Rose Garden  is on 6 acres of private land, open to the public at specific times for specific events.  The high vibrational toroidal field of the Roses and Tulsi lend a special feel to this garden where we host concerts, meditations, teas and plant spirit journeys.

Oracle of Grace with Hilary Lake & Friends         August 19  
    Triple Goddess Plant Spirit Journeys
    • July 7            Journey to the heart with Rose
    • July 28         Connect with the Mother through Motherwort
    • August 11    Find your alignment with the divine feminine with Tulsi

       IMG_0818                         Unknown-1.jpeg                 Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 2.28.29 PM.png

       Rose                       Motherwort                Tulsi

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    I received the vision for this garden in 2014 and followed an inner calling that me to this land where the garden is now.   You can find rose petal elixir and tea from the garden here,  at Acadia Herbals in Northampton and Awentree in Easthampton, Massachusetts. I’m also developing a sonic flower essence line connected to the living energies of this garden.  I’m a  Craniosacral therapist and sound healer and offer private sessions and workshops to empower women to free our voices so that we may live a life full of abundance and love. See sulissunrise.com for more information.