Welcome to the Tulsi Rose Garden

The Tulsi Rose Garden is a sanctuary for peace.  I first received the vision for this garden in 2013 after a long personal journey that started with the passing of my father who was a commercial flower grower and ended with my communing with the plants and listening to my intuition.  I’ve always been drawn to the power of circles and it seemed natural that the Tulsi Rose Garden use the sacred geometry of the circle.

We’ve hosted sitar concerts, weekly meditations and potlucks and women’s circles.  My personal mission is to create a safe space for women to use our voices and embody our physical vehicles through goddess chakra activations, toning and re-writing our stories.  As a survivor and in my professional work as a healer I specialize in working with women who have been sexually abused during childhood to empower us to use our voice and feel more comfortable in our bodies.  Some of the posts of my blog can be very personally vulnerable because I believe that it is through being authentic and sharing our stories that we heal.

We create peace and raise the vibration of our own frequencies through inner reflection, music and listening to the wisdom of the plants.

I create tulsi tea, flower essences, rose elixir and host the events to activate our consciousness and raise the vibration of the planet through our prayers and music.

This circular healing sanctuary is nestled in the hills of Shelburne Falls, land of the Bridge of Flowers.  The Tulsi Rose Garden  is on 6 acres of private land, open to the public at specific times for specific events.  The high vibrational toroidal field of the Roses and Tulsi lend a special feel to this garden where we host concerts, meditations, teas and plant spirit journeys. 

I am currently lining up the summer curriculum.  We will be hosting weekend workshops where we delve more deeply into journeying with the plants and the Sing Your Sacred Soul Song Workshop.

The offering I’m most excited about this year is the Goddesses in the Garden Priestess Training. This program will find us connecting more with our own spiritual practice, communing with the plants and focusing on the path of hands-on healing using Reiki and some Pleiadian Healing techniques as well as the diverse toolbox I’ve acquired over the past 30 years.  As a CranioSacral Therapist I have been in private practice for over 15 years and have helped hundreds of people.


If you are interested in any of my programs and would like to learn more or to join my mailing list, please fill out the contact information below: 



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