your magical self . . .

When we slow down and listen to the the plants, we tap into our own electromagnetic circuitry and align with the deep wisdom of the earth.

Sip with the Plants

During our Tulsi Tea Ceremony, we relax in the garden and use the ceremony as a way to open into our creativity. You can choose to meditate, draw, write, sketch or sit and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Sit with the Plants

Each year we offer experiential journeys with Tulsi, Rose & Lavender. Together we learn about the physical structure of the plant, we taste elixirs and essences and we meditate with the plant to learn about its energetic signature.

Connect with the plants through sound

Each month you will receive information about a different plant in the garden along with a soundscape to meditate with that plant.

The Tulsi Rose Garden is more than a garden, it’s a state of mind and a visionary template for a future community who want to come together to support our natural evolution of spirit as connected with the plant kingdom and the divine consciousness that flows through the spirit of the plants and nature. The beauty way; it’s a way of walking with the plants and the earth in how we learn to listen and find peace in the inner landscape as we create it on the outer landscape as well. Most of the pictures you’ll see on this website were taken by me at the very first Tulsi Rose Garden in Shelburne Falls, Ma. It took about 5 years to complete the garden from digging out all of the beds to the fullness of the rose blooms and the perennials to be established. Getting into the rhythm of tulsi harvesting and growing connected me strongly to the cycle of the seasons. This particular garden was fueled by a vision I received in 2012 and was a joy to create with the community in Western Mass. After 7 years of growing tulsi in that garden, I took a sabbatical to see the beauty of the U.S. Sometimes in order for a vision to grow, you need to let go of the older version to step into something bigger. The future I see for the Tulsi Rose Garden, is to inspire others to create gardens of peace and beauty as well as nurture small communities to come together to live in harmony with each other and spirit on a shared piece of land.

I am currently living and growing tulsi on the island of Maui in Hawaii. I continue to spread tulsi seeds to those who I come across. I’m available to teach about meditating with the plants and accessing our inner tuition online and in person. I am available to hold tulsi tea ceremonies at your location for community building. I’m also available to offer shamanic sound healing over the zoom.

The Mission of the Tulsi Rose Garden

To honor the living spirit of plants and the natural world. . . .

To create sacred space that is set apart from the mundane world. . .

To fully engage our cosmic connection with the consciousness of the oneness that connects all things.

To teach about sustainable living and permaculture.

To help raise the vibration of the human spirit by invoking joy through music, meditation and tea.

To hold regular events to bring community together to exchange ideas about how to co-create a future that respects all life and promotes peace between people and all species.

More beauty shots...

When we surround ourselves with beauty we raise our vibration . . . the flowers literally lift us up!

If you resonate with the mission of this garden, please consider donating so we can continue with new projects like keeping bees.

What People Say

When I walked into the Sitar concert in the garden I felt as though I was transported to some mystical foreign land.

Fanny Rothschild, Amherst

Sulis played the gong and singing bowls while we were meditating with Tulsi and I felt a deep and relaxing connection with myself and received a message from Tulsi.

Marian Tremblay from Tulsi Plant Spirit Workshop

When we follow our visions and our heart’s desire amazing things can transpire. . .

After my dad passed in 2012, I decided that I was going to explore my internal landscape. I bought a blank artist’s sketch book and Winter 2013, I spent many hours on the couch drawing, writing and exploring where my life was taking me. I was drinking Tulsi Rose tea from Organic India and started learning about Tulsi; all of its’ amazing health benefits and the energetic qualities of its spirit essence. One day, I just started drawing a circular garden and imagining all of these rainbow flowers and a big circle of roses and tulsi, before I realized it, I had laid out a fairly large and elaborate garden that I then started dreaming about and talking about and wishing for and then somehow without owning any land, I manifested this garden. For the full story, see my blogpost. March 15, 2017

See you in the garden!

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