Sacred Sanctuary

Sacred Sanctuary is my healing arts practice.  With my background in yoga, dance, body work and Craniosacral,  I integrate all of the techniques I’ve learned to help women access their own inner  sacred sanctuary.  Often these sessions employ dialoguing and connecting to your mind-body through energy work that is like Advanced Reiki.  Sessions always start with a check in, setting an intention for the session and a review of the goals your working on to discover how I can best support you in your healing.

My exploration of the mind body connection really started with my first kundalini yoga class back in DC, but it wasn’t until my year of volunteering at Kripalu back in 1999 that I really started to integrate a more yogic spiritual lifestyle more consistently in my life.  I spent my time at Kripalu doing regular yoga classes, but danskinetics  (now YogaDance) really resonated with me and I taught on the Kripalu Danskinetics team from 2001-2006 as well as leading sacred circle dance in the Main Chapel. After I left Kriaplu I developed a movement class called Journey Through the Chakras for Women and taught that for several years while I was going to massage school.  I also have strong roots in the Northampton Dance Community and established a body work practice in Northampton in 2005.  I grew my private massage practice for 12 years and then was guided to concentrate my healing work more toward creating a safe space to support the healing of sexual trauma with women and the garden is a healing place for that.