A Funny thing Happened on the Way to Massachusetts. . .

I had a “plan” to come back for the summer to house sit and clear out my storage space, but instead I fell in love.  They say that, “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”  I thought I knew the plan, but Great Spirit had other plans for me. Many of youContinue reading “A Funny thing Happened on the Way to Massachusetts. . .”

Rose Medicine to infinity and beyond

This year the roses started coming in right around the solstice and after 5 years of establishing the ring of rugosa and heirloom moss roses, they are coming in with more blooms than I have baskets for. . . everyday I could fill 8 big baskets of rose blooms.  Thank you beautiful earth for theContinue reading “Rose Medicine to infinity and beyond”

Goddesses in the Garden

I’m so excited about this next growing season! This is the 5th summer since the shovel first entered the ground back in the Spring of 2015 and as you can see from the picture, the echinacea lined entrance leads the way to the tea tent, but like any good traveler knows, the magic is notContinue reading “Goddesses in the Garden”

Tapping on Brighid’s Ground

Tap, tap, tap. . . wake up hibernating bear, wake up  dormant seeds. . . it’s almost time to come out and play.   This past weekend was Imbolc, the cross-quarter day between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, the beginning of Spring!   Here in New England unlikely warm temperatures in the 50’s has beenContinue reading “Tapping on Brighid’s Ground”

Garden Events in the Summer of 2018

    I’m excited about this Summer in The Tulsi Rose Garden!  I just finished this video from clips from the last 2 years in the garden.  It’s been such a trip to see what the garden welcomes and who shows up.  This July & August is all about collaboration and building community:  potlucks, women’sContinue reading “Garden Events in the Summer of 2018”

New Moon Musings

Today in the Tulsi Garden Barefoot walking through the wet grass.  Cold steps plodding through the thick carpet of grass that has not been mowed in over a week. . . longer and softer than usual.  My feet warm up when I stop and stand still for a moment.  It’s early and I can seeContinue reading “New Moon Musings”