Spring has Sprung

This year for the first time I started seeds in a greenhouse!  They are all doing very well.  Tulsi and Lavender are coming along as well as some colorful calendula, lupines, nasturtiums, morning glories and more.  I was hoping for some fiery Galliardia plants for the beginning of the rainbow pathway, but it’s difficult to get started. . . so we’ll see.

I hope that you got to see some of the very first flowers a few weeks ago.  The white drooping Snow Drops, Glory of the Snow and yellow, purple and white crocuses or also purple croci.  I was able to make some flower essences of these special flowers at the full moon.  They really embody the energy of beginnings and pushing through. . . pushing through those hard cold places.  I’m seeing parallels in my personal life right now where there have been some stuck places that I just have not really wanted to look at all that squarely before now.  Always lingering below the surface. . . there, but too scary for me to actually shine the light on.  But now, finally it’s time to embrace the hard things, the cold things I’ve been keeping hidden in the back of the freezer for so long.  We are thawing out and ready to bloom now.

snowdrop-flowers-spring-flower-plant.jpg    Snow drops have an energetic signature of threes.  Three petals make up the tube and then 3 more are drooping down.  I’ve also been working the dynamics of threes lately.  For me the old pattern of the three was one of being left out or feeling the energy of two against one, but these days that we’re living in now are days of radical evolutionary change where people are coming together and healing old patterns and I can say for myself that I am learning about the beauty of relating in groups of three.  Functional threes that are supportive of one another.  I’m currently in two writing groups that have 3 people each.  It gives us the intimacy of a very small group and very personal attention, but maybe a hair less intense than say two people. They say that the most stable tables have three legs and we have long been indoctrinated into the concept of father, son and Holy Ghost. . . a triangle with the apex at the top is like ascending into heaven and with the apex downward is like bringing the holiness to the earth. . . when these two triangle combine together we get a merkaba. . . which is seen as a symbol for creating heaven here on earth.  There are many flowers that combine the patterns of differentiated threes, like when we look at the crocus or an iris we see the contrast of the shape of the inner 3 petals overlaid on the outer 3. …. but the snowdrop is the trailblazing first of the symbolic 2 in the flower world that comes up in the Spring and as such it has a gentle energy of being coupled with the energy of that first emergence and penetrating the soil. . . as the pioneer, the snow drop uses a gentle force. . .its not like the daffodils which says, “hey everybody, I’m here”. . . snow drop is unassuming. . . you really have to get down to earth and underneath to see the center of this flower and in a way that’s what its doing, it’s pulling us down to earth to bring that awareness to our ground cover once again that has been covered by snow for so long.  Here I am, let’s ease into spring together. . . be gentle, be penetrative but in a soft gentle way.

29570330_10155748442778882_2093040096864264505_n     The Glory of the Snow is a blue flower that has 5  blue petals with white centers. Its almost a little like that Maxfield Parrish blue. A little more audacious than the snowdrop, it provides a beautiful contrast to the white snow. Little stars on the ground reminding us of the stars in the sky bridging heaven and earth. Five is the star, at least the traditional star in our culture.  The five pointed star shines on our flag and when we look at that daVinci sketch of the man in the circle  For me 5 is reminiscent of family.  I have 3 sisters and one brother. I’m still learning how to work with the combo of 5.  Five also reminds me the 5 Chinese Elementals. Five can seem a little overwhelming to me at times.  I dream of fields of saturated colors and there are some places where I’ve seen a good showing, but always on the lookout for the beauty and welcome you to share your sightings of flowers.  Hopefully we can continue to create more and more beauty around us and inspire others to see the beauty that we see.  This world certainly could use more beauty  in it.

29595565_10155748442793882_7311747528650994330_n     Most of us are pretty familiar with croci.  We mostly see these as the first flowers in Spring.  Usually 3 or six petaled, they usually have 3 stamen.  Stamen are the pollen producing parts of the flowers that rest at the center of the flower.  I think it was the end of March when I was walking through Smith College here in Northampton and spotted a huge patch of purple crocuses under a big oak tree.  They are a gentle flower often emerging along with snow bringing us joy and happiness as we are reminded after a long winters rest that Spring flowers are nearing.

I will make the essences and Rose Petal Elixir available for sale as well as selling some plants at a local farmer’s market.  Please stay posted for what we’re cooking up here in the garden this summer.

Much love!

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