Goddesses in the Garden

I’m so excited about this next growing season! This is the 5th summer since the shovel first entered the ground back in the Spring of 2015 and as you can see from the picture, the echinacea lined entrance leads the way to the tea tent, but like any good traveler knows, the magic is not just about arriving at your destination, but the journey to get there. With the Tulsi Rose Garden first you travel up a rainbow flowered pathway. Hibiscus, galliardia and fiery nasturtiums welcome you to use the metaphor of the heat of the fire to cleanse and purify that which you do not need anymore. Like the goddess Innana who removed all of her jewelry and clothing to become vulnerable to the essence of her soul, we see the benefits of releasing our old patterns and preconceived notions to become more present and available to the energies of the current moment. Further up as you pass through all of the purple flowers you’re invited to open to your own vision and intuition. The garden is constantly teaching me through movement and poetry. She is very much like the sacred center of a woman. She likes to be approached with gentle reverence to enter her inner chambers. . . like with any good foreplay there is curiosity, openness and respect. She teaches me to bow and honor as I enter through her gateway. She shows me that the spiral is an opportunity to drop more deeply into my body and is the perfect invitation to practice earthing, grounding and walking meditation where I can really connect to the subtle energies of the earth. She celebrates when I raise my arms up in the sun breath as I walk, and as I breathe more deeply she shows me more about how my own intuition deepens and opens to the mysteries of connection to my own higher self and vision. . . often words or songs pour through me as I’m exploring the movements and connection to the garden. There is a stillness, a quietness at times with the plants, then at other times there are the songs of birds, buzzing of bees or the sounds of planes flying high overhead. This is a portal to the magical connection we have with the world around us. . . a place to enhance our senses of sight, sound and smell, feeling the air and the temperature of the nature of the day with our bodies.

This is the temple, we are the temple. . . our bodies are our temples. It is here that I invite you to drop into your own nature and become more attuned to the plants and your own intuition. It is here where we can develop our goddess nature, one of true harmony with each other and the planet. . . where we hone our skills of presence, connecting with our hearts and explore our energetic container.

The Goddesses in the Garden program is a 6 month program for women which is a training in connecting with your own intuition and connecting with the plants, specifically, tulsi, rose and lavender, but you may find that a different plant ally calls to you. We meet one day a week from 10-3. In this program we will sometimes be in the garden and sometimes we’ll be at the Sacred Sanctuary healing center where we will learn deeper practices of meditation, breath connection and cosmic alignment with the light energy that runs through our bodies.

Our foundation is to come together in circle with each other to support with spiritual practice. . . learning and deepening our skills of telepathic communication with the plants. . . as we take the time to center and deepen our own breath we become more present to listen and hold council for one another. We will share in the safety of our circle to create a container for learning healing techniques and at other times we will take our practice to the garden where we will spend time with the plants, caring for them and listening to the messages on the wind that they have for us. Having this sacred time in the garden to feel the sun, the air and to listen on the winds allows us to come more and more into alignment with our true nature and manifest the qualities we admire in others to bring more love and abundance to ourselves and the world.

If this feels like a journey you would like to explore, I invite you schedule a connection call where we can discuss how this program might help you in your life. Payment plans available. 413-212-1665

Bright Blessings, Sulis

New Moon Musings

Today in the Tulsi Garden

Barefoot walking through the wet grass.  Cold steps plodding through the thick carpet of grass that has not been mowed in over a week. . . longer and softer than usual.  My feet warm up when I stop and stand still for a moment.  It’s early and I can see the sun rise over the hill across the field. Wouldn’t it be nice everyday to wake up and walk around the tulsi garden and for a few moments not worry about time. . . September and another round of lavender is asking to be harvested for aromatic bouquets.  We had a little cold snap at the beginning of September, but now we’re back to high 80’s this weekend.  I harvested the sticky flowers of the calendula to make medicine and of course the tulsi is constantly asking me to pick her and make tea. . . so I do.

At this time of transition going toward the winter, we celebrate the end of summer with picking apples, going to the Garlic & Arts Festival or in our own ways by harvesting what we’ve grown. I picked the basil and made the pesto and put it in the freezer and now every day I harvest tulsi for the tea.

Ive had so many sweet moments in the garden this summer one-on-one with a sister here and there sipping tea and working with the tulsi and have also been blessed to have a few sweet women gathering together. This garden is a place of peace and a place of healing.  I find my own peace just from walking, singing or working with the plants.  Next season I will be offering a program for women who want to connect with the plants and develop their intuition.  We will gather and ground and share, meditate, work with the plants and talk about ideas and concepts to create heaven on earth.

Years ago someone whispered in my ear in a busy bar in downtown DC to read the Celestine Prophecy.  I finally did at some point and although the writing leaves a lot to be desired, the content of the ideas is fascinating.  For those who are unfamiliar, one of the chapters talks about our relationship with plants and actually seeing the aura or energy around the plant and sending positive energy to the plant and eventually sending positive energy to the people around us.  How many times are we sending out vibes that are less than positive?  I know that I can definitely say that I have my moments when driving that I might get a little pissy with the people around me and complain about their driving. . .  but I also remember those moments when I’ve felt good enough in myself already that those little things just don’t matter and I don’t take any of it personally.  But what about going a step farther and sending something positive to people before we’ve even judged if they are good or bad, helpful or not helpful. . . what would our world be like if we collectively embraced this.  It would be like a cultural revolution. . . one I could really get behind.

One of the things that the garden has taught me is to slow down and when I enter her circle, to step in mindfully and notice how I place my foot in  each step.  Sometimes I walk slowly and deliberately taking in deep breaths as I raise my hands up through prayer position, up to the sky and out to the sides in the shape of the toroidal field.  Exhaling my hands down, I keep walking and breathing, slowing down and coming back into myself.  You see I have to do this to balance out all the rushing around that I do, the going from here to there sometimes without any awareness at all.  How do I bring more consciousness into my days.  How do I rush less and give myself the time to be present with myself and others.  The garden is often teaching me this and I know the protocols and the types of breathing to do, but sometimes I just don’t do them.  I know often we know what to do, but just decide to do something else.  So on this New Moon in Virgo which is a time for taking the practical steps of getting down to business one step at a time, we start the thing that helps point us in the direction we want to go and we take the first step.