Sing Your Sacred Soul Song

Everyone has their own unique soul song inside them.  Sometimes the being and doing of life piles on stresses and attachments to energy that mucks up our systems and makes it more difficult our us to get to our core being.  Our natural state is to be in harmony, but the control dramas of our culture and the traumas we and our ancestors experience are held as energetic patterns in our cells. Through energetic clearing techniques (chakra clearing, ancestral clearing, energy balancing and CranioSacral) and Sing Your Sacred Soul Song, I help women to let go of the blocks that are holding them back and access their divine flow.

I offer private one-on-one sessions  and group classes and workshops. Private sessions are tailored to your needs and employ various Shamanic energy techniques  developed through my years at the Wisdom School of Sophia.

Individual sessions begin at $80/ hour and are available in 90 minute and 2-3 hour sessions as well.  Workshops and classes are priced as advertised when classes form.

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