The Tulsi Rose Garden is a Sanctuary, a gathering place for people to connect with their inner guidance and listen to the wisdom of the flowers.

The garden itself is a 64′ diameter circle with concentric rings. The inner circle is a 32′ circle of grass, surrounded by about 60 lavender plants with an opening in the Northeast to honor our ancestors. That is surrounded by a ring of grass and then 4 beds of Tulsi, Rama, Vana & Krishna create a ring with openings for the four directions.  Another ring of grass is between the tulsi and the outer ring which is roses, mostly rosa rugosa.

On the way up to the garden, I’m currently working toward creating a rainbow pathway. The vibration of flowers is very pure and they want to share their wisdom. This garden is all about raising the vibration of our planet through music, meditation, teaching about sustainability & using our voices, a safe place for women to gather to learn new ways of being, conflict resolution, creating peace within our inner worlds and carrying it out to the outer world.

We are going into our fourth year here at the Tulsi Rose Garden.

We are gearing up for another season of meditation classes,  and the Sing Your Sacred Soul Song workshop.  A new offering this year is called Goddesses in the Garden. The garden has so much to teach us.  I’m learning new things all the time in the garden, things about myself and how to be here on this planet with more grace, how to slow down and breathe, all sorts of messages come through when I can slow down and listen to the plants around me. We will gather once a week in the garden to enliven our lives with some spiritual practice, meditation, chakra activation, and inspiration for the day.  Then we’ll do a brief sharing circle and go into the garden to work with her directly, to tune our own intuition with the spirit of the plants.  After our time of nurturing the garden we’ll come back to sit in our sacred circle and share a meal or if it’s a really hot day maybe we’ll go to the river. . . and learn from the waters.

I hope that you can come enjoy the garden with us at one of our events or a potluck work day.

Bright blessings,